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My Approach

My approach - my services are driven by my passions - I love addressing the tricky relationship and people related issues that inevitably arise in business, and while my service offerings are diverse, they represent what I can do for you - I only work on projects where I have proven experience and where I can make a difference. 

My approach can be very flexible, depending on the issue, and unorthodox, if required.  My services cover the prevention of issues arising, consulting intervention to resolve issues, and a range of relationship interventions for specific issues.


Benefits for clientsThe main benefits I bring are enabling companies to avoid the significant costs, reduction in productivity and distraction of executive management which arise from not resolving issues at the earliest possible stage, together with more robust management of corporate reputational risk. By focusing on removing the people impediments to success I reduce the pain and increase the gain for C level executives, in the form of:


  • enhanced savings on programmes through more effective implementation
  • reduced cost of poor quality due to reduced delays and improved first time success
  • faster optimisation of transformation projects through improved relationships and faster speed through “forming, storming, and norming” to get to the “performing” stage
  • less distraction of executives and management through the earlier resolution of people and relationship issues
  • reduced corporate reputation risk from the proactive management of sensitive employment or business issues.