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Successful transformation and outsourcing programmes

I work with clients to make transformation and outsourcing programmes successful. My services are aimed at:

  • preventing relationship issues arising in the first place
  • working with clients to design and implement effective programmes
  • working to ensure healthy operating relationships throughout a longterm programme.

I work with clients to deliver success on: HR and workforce transformation programmes; sub-optimal Trade Union relationships; implementation of global programmes; major transformation programmes; outsourcing engagements.




Review of existing and proposed programmes or outsourcing arrangements, to identify improvement opportunities and risks to commercial success in the areas of:

  • Governance structure and process
  • Commercial model
  • Change and stakeholder management plans
  • Scope clarity
  • People & organisation capability

…and which if not implemented in an aligned and consistent way will result in conflict, sub-optimal performance, and a commercial relationship issue.

1. Design and implementation of transformation programmes, e.g. to change the HR operating Model, to change the culture, or to implement a new performance management approach.

2. Facilitation, visioning and solution development to ensure the effective design of transformation programmes.

Activities supported:

  • project management
  • change management
  • capability enhancement
  • communications during implementation

Relationship management - I use my extensive operational management and mediation skills and experience to proactively improve the ongoing operational and commercial health of long term outsourcing or large-scale transformation programmes.

I work as an independent third party to identify and address any conflicting motivations and expectations and to work with both client and supplier to achieve alignment or resolve conflict.


 I have extensive experience of reviewing proposed programmes and identifying people, process and organisational risks. 

When running a transformation programme I am good at identifying future roadblocks on the journey while we "change the wheels on the moving bus".

My experience covers workplace strategy and the potential for conflict with employees and trade unions, the implementation of global outsourced services, through to achieving effective change in multiple different cultures.

My experience includes the implementation of programmes in India, China, the Philippines, South Africa, Turkey, Europe, North America and LATAM.

I have extensive experience of solution development of major transformation and outsourcing programmes, principally in the HR and Learning space, and of designing changes to improve service on existing programmes.

I have led the design on HR Operating model reviews, and on global Career Management and Performance Management programmes for a global company.

I also have carried out Lead roles in both Account Management and Transition & Transformation on global engagements, so am experienced at solution development with the customer or user hat on.

Why is it that we often delay reaching agreement on a significant issue until the CEO eventually gets involved?!!!  Of course we always want operational and commercial relationships between two parties to be successful but we can all think of occasions when we have been slow to take action to resolve impediments to success. 

All of my career has been about resolving issues at the sharp end as early as possible.  My industrial relations role at Ford was all about proactively addressing issues to avoid the emergence of conflict. 

My experience at United Biscuits was about creating a strategy for change and plotting a successful way through the trade union and employee concerns.  Latterly I have added Mediation to my skills mix. 

My experience includes the lessons learned from having to live through a protracted commercial dispute and the pain, stress, suspicion and distraction caused for executive management.