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Team and Individual Services

I work with clients to resolve tricky people issues which can disrupt morale, or cause reputational damage if left unresolved.

Specialist Employment Investigation

Workplace Mediation

Team and EXECUTIVE coaching

Independent investigations of Disciplinary, Ethics, Capability and Grievance cases, such as:

  • cases at Managing Director and Director level;
  • where an independent external party is required to avoid a conflict of interest;
  • sensitive employment issues. 

This service includes Medical Case Investigation of complaints involving Doctors in the UK.

Mediation to resolve relationship issues between individuals or teams. Relationship issues are best resolved at the earliest possible stage.  My approach is practically based and designed to restore working relationships before the conflict escalates to a legal dispute. The mediation typically involves a series of sessions with the organisation and the employees involved, scheduled over days or some weeks, depending on the complexity of the conflict.   

Team development and coaching - poor performance can often result from conflict and competition between teams. I provide interventions to achieve success through the alignment of all the essential elements of effective team performance such as goals, expectations, motivations, and roles.

Executive Coaching - I have a wealth of sharp end and executive experience of coaching individuals. I coach individuals who are either looking to transition to their next career move or need to address a specific challenge in the workplace.  


I have extensive experience of undertaking disciplinary investigations in many different environments.  My extensive industrial relations and operational management experience has been broadened by the skills I have gained through my judicial role, interraction at Board level, and the Medical Case Investigator training to investigate complaints involving Doctors in the UK. 

I have extensive experience through my industrial relations, operational and mediation activities to work with teams and individuals, and to cut through to the real issues causing unhealthy conflict or under performance.  

I often receive positive feedback about my ability to work with people and teams at all levels (shop floor to Board room) and in diverse geographies and cultures.  

My approach is to understand what makes you tick as an individual, what are your unique qualities, and figuring out how people who are different can work together productively. Coaching contracts are always confidential and premised on trust and mutual respect as well as creating a positive chemistry.