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Leo Fernandez, CEO and Co-Founder of TalentEase and a former Partner/Managing Director at Accenture, Singapore

"I had the good fortune of working with David Evans while at Accenture.  I valued working with him not just as a thorough professional but as someone whose judgement I respected and whose advice I actively sought. He was able to bring a different perspective and a ‘left-field’ insight to challenges we faced and opportunities we were building on.  As a member of the global team, he was able to add special value to us in the Asia Pacific region, because he had actively worked in the region himself and was able to appreciate the nuances of business operations and relationships.  Whether it was building up our teams in Manila, handling business challenges in Australia or creating the foundation for a smooth new set up in Singapore or China, we relied on his insights and objectivity.


He brings an intuitive understanding of risks, is able to assess potential that can be harnessed, and crafts people solutions that help make for an effective business.  He combines a very creative idea-generating talent with rigorous execution skills.  He has a gift for being able to sift the wheat from the chaff, of speaking his mind without a hidden agenda and has a genuine concern for people in the business that makes him a very special business leader.  David was a natural choice therefore to join the TalentEase Advisory Board".


Edward Valenzuela, Managing Director at Accenture, Pittsburgh, PA

"David Evans was my right-hand person on the world’s largest HR and Learning outsourcing engagement, for a well-known UK based, Consumer Products Company. During the six years we worked together, David proved to have extensive HR functional knowledge as well as great delivery skills. After doing this type of work for 20 years, David is one of only a handful of individuals I have known that I can recommend without any reservations.

He is very professional, personable, has a great work ethic. He is also one of the most honest and ethical people I have ever had the privilege of working with. As a leader, it is rare to find someone who can bruise your ego by pointing out the fallacy of your thinking, while at the same time build a friendship by keeping you from doing the wrong thing!" 


CEO of £10m turnover business, after successful facilitation of an executive team on the brink of breakup

"David possesses all the skills required to facilitate the processes required to achieve resolution in the most difficult of circumstances.  He has the ability to quickly grasp the core of the issues, to allow clarity and honesty, and encourage a collective desire to achieve a successful and realistic outcome.  Through the process he maintains a careful balance between guiding and managing the discussion, and stepping back to allow expression and understanding, keeping the group properly engaged and focused.  As the solutions emerge he will ensure that they are properly recorded and that all participants are committed to make them work".