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How to get HRDs comfortable with Workplace Mediation


I recently joined the panel of Workplace Mediators at In Place Of Strife, the mediation only chambers which specialises in deploying highly experienced and distinguished mediators.  I have decided to specialise in Workplace mediation, rather than broader commercial mediation, as I want to bring my deep workplace executive and HR management experience to mediation in the workplace.  This an area of increasing need for HR Directors and my extensive experience in HR and executive management means I understand the concerns of the HR Director, as well as the issues of the participants.

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David A Evans JP joins the In Place of Strife mediation chambers


David A Evans JP joins the In Place of Strife (IPOS) mediation chambers -  I am pleased to join the IPOS panel of Workplace Mediators.IPOS is the mediation only chambers based in London and specialises in highly experienced and distinguished mediators.

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Thoughts of a 50 year old entrepreneur.


What are the main questions you are being asked 4 months into your new business?

Two questions recur -  1) Why have you set up your own business? and 2) what issues most interest you?

Several people have asked me why I have stepped out of “big corporate” and set my own business at the age of 50?

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Lawyers are revolting!


The recent publication by the UK Ministry Of Justice of a 79% drop in the number of applications to Employment tribunals in the October to December 2013 quarter compared to the previous year has caused hysteria in employment lawyer circles. Within an hour of the publication one Employment law digest had issued an entreaty to lawyers “Don't Kill Yourself Yet...” !!  

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Blog: Why “not rocking the boat” can get you into choppy water!


Recent turmoil within one of the UK political parties is a stark and timely reminder of what can happen when an individual’s behaviour causes upset to colleagues, and when complaints are not dealt with decisively.  The lessons to be learned apply as equally to employees in the workplace as to members of a political party or membership organisation.

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